Excuse the levity, but I’m in a mood.

Step One: Have your friends start a blog for you. This gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings. And you only have to say it once. And you can actually be understood because you can still type even if you’re bawling your eyes out of your head.

Step Two: Host your own version of “What Not To Wear”, I call it “What Not To Say”. For instance, let people know that saying “I just know Ramona will be fine” makes their butt look really big.

Step Three: Think buying something might make you feel better? Only one way to find out. We’ve just aquired some sweet blue and pink iPod shuffles with the babies names on them with iCrib speakers to match (seriously).

Step Four: Say all the horrible things you’ve been thinking to yourself out loud to someone. Like “What if we just left her at the hospital and never came back?”. They’ll be horrified but you’ll feel better and can stop worrying that you’re some kind of a monster.

Step Five: American Idol. I actually stopped thinking about Ramona for about 15 minutes tonight while watching TV. I felt guilty about it afterwards, but I still think it was worth it.

Sometimes it’s good to laugh, Jane.