We’re all excited, we’ve got all the gear, we’ve got our makeshift hospital room all set. Now all we need is the baby.

Because the DiGeorge diagnosis involves so many different departments and specialists, we’ve hit a snafu with Ramona’s discharge. They still have not agreed on a dosage for her calcium. They need to see that her level remains stable for one more day before they release her. So we’re hoping that it will be stable tomorrow morning and tomorrow will be her homecoming. Her new hospital room is a little noisy and we’re anxious to get her home to some peace and quiet.

Some good news today, we found out that Ramona’s immune system is normal. This a big relief as any respiratory illnesses would be very serious for Ramona and these recent tests show she will be no more susceptible than a “normal” child would be.

We’re still thrilled that she’s able to come home anytime, we’ll keep you posted,