We had a pretty rough morning. Ramona spit up a huge amount and in the process spit up her nose tube. This means we have to put it back in, which is scary and un-fun. I was pretty upset by the whole thing.

But then it occurred to me, “No nose tube, it’s a tailor-made photo op!”. So after Simon went down for his nap we dressed her up, took off her canula for a minute and took her picture.

This is a cute one. She’s smiling at Papa. We had to color correct it a bit as she looked pretty purple. Some of you may recognize this dress. It’s the one I took to the hospital for her to wear when the doctors called and told us she might not make it through the surgery. It was the first and only piece of clothing I bought for her while pregnant and I’ve been bound and determined for her to wear it. So I’m grateful that we’ve met yet another, albeit small, goal we had for her.

New NG tube? Lemons. Cute picture of Ramona? Lemonade.