We are so blessed. Through your efforts to help us get by we’ve received meals, groceries, a cleaning lady and even a baby massage. And we’ve been blessed not just by your acts of service but by your insight as well. Your losses and life experiences have given you a wisdom that has sustained us during a very difficult time.

And, of course, your prayers. We have been so amazed by the prayer support and intercession on Ramona’s behalf. And that’s good because we’ve been thinking a lot about prayer (and praying too!). I’ve been thinking a lot and wondering if I really believe that prayer “works”. I was asking Andy about this and he replied, “Well if you’re not sure it works, why have you been asking people to pray?”. Good question Andy.

It’s not just to hedge my bets, I’m not that mercenary. And it’s not just to give you all something to do, I’m not that frivolous. I think it’s because I do believe that prayer works. But I’m just not sure that we’re all in agreement about what we mean when we say “prayer works”.

I’m no expert. I’ve never read the Bible from front to back. But I do know it says in there somewhere, “Ask and you shall receive”. But I’ve been thinking lately about how vague that is. It doesn’t say what’s okay to ask for. It doesn’t say that if you ask for something, you’ll get just that. For instance, it does not say, “Ask for a pony, and you shall receive a pony”. Believe me, I’ve tried that, no pony. And don’t you think if it was that simple we’d all be floating around in our solid gold swimming pools right now drinking no-points margaritas?

Maybe it means, “Keep asking for what you want and you will receive an answer” or “Keep asking for what you want and you will receive a vision of God’s plan that will change what you ask for next time you pray”. Have you ever been in prayer, or “deep thought” for you non-prayers, and heard what I call the “still small voice” direct your desires away from what you thought you wanted? I always just assume that’s the Holy Spirit rewarding my prayers with a hint about God’s will. Does that sound nuts?

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I want you to keep praying. I want us to seek God’s will for Ramona as a community. I want to continue to be sustained by your wisdom, whether it was given in prayer or not. And yeah, I want to keep asking for what we want for Ramona, which is healing and a long, happy life. And if that’s not what God has planned, He should speak up while we pray and direct our desires elsewhere.

And I’d like to hear your thoughts, theological and otherwise. If you think I’m way off, do me a favor and let me know. Just don’t drop a pony off in the yard, we’ve got enough mouths to feed around here.