Ramona’s appointment with her pediatrician was yesterday. Here’s what we found out:

– Ramona has not gained any weight in the last week. This could be due to a number of factors. Her caloric intake has not been increased since the surgery despite having grown, so she may just need more calories. Also, she’s had a cold for over a week now and has been throwing up a lot. We’ve increased her caloric intake and are hoping the cold will clear up soon.

– The doctor said that he could hear flow and backwash in Ramona’s branching pulmonary arteries! Previously they could hear turbulence in her main pulmonary, but now they are detecting in further on. They seemed excited about this.

– On Tuesday Jane took Ramona to the hospital for some blood work and today they called to say that they found “critical” levels of potassium in her blood. This could be a fluke or a sign of a greater problem so Jane and Ramona are on their way back to the hospital for another blood draw.