So sorry about the communication delay. It’s been a very difficult week, schedule-wise and emotionally. Here’s the status right now:

Ramona is okay. Her potassium levels are still high, but no longer in the critical range. We will go in next week for a follow-up with the kidney diseases people and have another blood draw at that time. They weren’t sure what might be causing this problem so we’ll wait until Tuesday to hopefully find out.

Ramona’s cold is getting better. This is letting her keep more of her food down. We have also slightly increased her intake. We’ll weigh her again tomorrow or Sunday to get an idea of her progress.

Ramona was referred to a cranio-facial specialist to assess the assymetry that continues to be of concern. Some of the “flat spot” is positional, but there are some weird things going on with her skull and we’re trying to determine if they’ll correct themselves. If not, we’ll talk about any treatment that might be available. We’re hoping that none of her sutures have prematurely fused, as this would require surgery to correct.

Any palate issues have been tabled for now as treatments would not be available until she is older.

That’s it for now. All these doctors appointments have gotten me really exhausted and frazzled. So it’s great for us that Ramona’s primary nurses, Desty and Nicole, are coming tonite to watch both the babies. Andy and I plan to have some dinner, maybe a movie and just generally chill out.

Thanks for your prayers, I’ll update soon about her weight check.

Love, Jane.