Well, the votes are in: Desty, Nicole and our our scale all agree. Ramona is fat. Really big and fat. Read on…

After a disappointing finish last Wednesday at 13lbs. 12oz., a net gain of zero for the week, Ramona has stunned experts and casual observers alike by topping off at 14lbs. 6oz. this morning, a record gain of 10oz. in four days. Andy, Ramona’s father had this to say, “Maybe since she stopped throwing up all the time, she’s really been packing it on”, concluding, “Look at those legs!”

Look at those legs indeed. Judging by her photo (below), it’s hard to say how much she might gain next, but her mother, Jane, feels she might “easily double her birth weight” sometime this week. That would be an accomplishment, if achieved before six months old, usually reserved for “healthy” babies.

So we’re feeling good today. Glad that she isn’t throwing up a lot. Glad that she’s starting to pick up and bat at toys. Glad that the weather is beautiful. Hope you’re enjoying life wherever you are.

Love, Jane.

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