Jane just called and asked me to post an update. Ramona has been spitting up some blood, and that’s not okay.

Ramona has spit up a little blood in the past. While even that seemed cause for great concern, the doctors said that spitting up blood once was okay, probably just a little irritation from her NG tube. But she has been spitting up blood yesterday, and there was possible blood in her diaper, and then more spitting up today.

The doctors are wondering if this more consistent spitting-up-blood problem is caused by tissue breakdown due to the NG tube. They are trying to see a gastroenterologist today to see if they can figure this out — no appointment yet, but their doctor is trying to get them into the schedule. One possible solution is that Ramona might need to have surgery to get a G-tube, which goes directly into her stomach (not through her mouth). Everyone would like for Ramona to avoid this surgery, but if it is the only option, they are willing to do it.

Jane & Ramona have been at the hospital for several hours yesterday and they might be going back today. If Ramona does require the surgery, they don’t know if they would do it right away or wait a bit. They still don’t know why Ramona’s potassium is high. This has been a pretty stressful couple of days for the whole family, especially after life has just started to settle down into some kind of a regular routine. And it sounds like being at the hospital, out of her normal space and routine, make Ramona a little grumpy.

Particular hopes and prayer requests:
* that Ramona would be able to safely avoid having the surgery to install a G-tube.
* that, if the surgery is necessary, her recovery would be quick.
* that Jane and Andy would have all the energy needed for these hours at the hospital, and that Ramona would have peace.

Thanks for praying with us.