So, Ramona does not need a G-tube, thank God. The ENT who spoke with our pediatriatricians, who are awesome and always take my calls right away, said that they recommend simple saline drops to try and soothe and heal whatever irritation is causing the bleeding. We will also switch the NG tube to her other nostril. That one gets the big “DUH”. It just never occurred to me, but I’m sure will make a big difference. We will also set a humidifier up in her room.

I like this trend. A pediatrician at one time suggested Ramona wear a hat to boost her weight gain and it turned out what she really needed was open heart surgery. This morning I thought she might need a G-tube and it turns out she just needed some saline drops. Maybe, when it comes time for her cardiac cath, instead of surgery they’ll just guesstimate and then give her a sticker that says “Be Nice To Me, I Just Had Surgery”.

Ramona has been a lot of fun these past few days (except for the vomitting of blood). She’s been smiling, cooing and immitating some of our sounds. She’s grabbing at things and actually complaining when she’s lying down for too long, she wants us to help her sit up! And she’s getting so chubby that all this gook is starting to collect in her neck creases. It’s so inaccessible that it actually has to be flossed, not wiped out. And it smells like cheese, prompting me to call her Romano Ramona.

We’re stressed over here. It seems like every time we take a deep breath and say, “Things are getting a little better!”, some other super-stressful thing happens. But we are getting by day by day. Tomorrow Ramona will be 5 months old. It feels like just yesterday we were at the hospital hearing bad news after bad news. These days, most of our news is good, and for that I’m thankful. Here she is, looking totally peaceful and unaware of the way she’s rocking our world.

Thanks for your prayers, sorry to raise the red alert for a yellow alert matter,