Simon and Ramona are starting to interact a little more day by day. He’s showing more interest in her as she gets more and more active, and she’s getting better at showing with her squeals and squeaks the interest she’s always had in everything Simon.

Their latest antic is called Pass the Binky. He grabs it out of her mouth, shows it to me, then tries to put it back into any opening in her head. Ramona’s part is to open her mouth and eyes wide and swim her head around as if she’s going to catch a grape or something being thrown from across the room. The dramatic conclusion: as soon as she gets the paci in there, she smiles so big that it falls out again. Rinse and repeat.

Here’s a pic. Can you sense the concentration and discernment on Simon’s part? He seems to be saying, “Shall I go for the eyes, the nose, or the mouth? Perhaps the ear…” Ramona will be thrilled no matter what. She just wants to be with him.

We’ve scheduled Ramona’s occupational therapy to begin next week or the week after, which is great cuz she really needs to get a job.

Love, Jane.