Miss Mona Mae weighed in at an even 16lbs this morning.

She’s been enjoying a visit with Grammie and Big Papa this weekend and slept until almost 7:00am this morning (Simon decided to even it out by waking up at 5:00am). We also had the great big pleasure of introducing her to her cousins Connor, Sam and Jack from Wisconsin. Simon had a ball with the boys and was so impressed by everything they could do that he just stared most of the day, his jaw slack with amazement.

She’s got a full week this week. Tomorrow she will have her surgical consult and then we will meet her nurse Desty for coffee. Tuesday is occupational therapy and a visit from Aunt Julie. Wednesday is developmental therapy and her rescheduled pediatrician’s appointment. Thursday is Grandma day and Friday we meet with the social worker. This is all of course flexible should they decide to schedule her surgery this week, which I think would be great.

Please pray that she will be able to keep her energy up. Ditto for the rest of us. Three pics today: A shot of Grammie, Big Papa, Andy and the boo-boo’s. A shot of Ramona with a really sweet barrette sent to her by the ladies at Pink Hippo Bows. Thanks ladies, they’re adorable. And lastly, a shot of Simon feeding his wubby Roar a bottle, what a crack-up.

Love, Jane.