I am Ecstatic to report that Ramona is home with Jane, Andy and Simon, Oxygen Tank Free!

Five days post surgical and she is home. I can hardly believe it.
Ramona is a bit cranky (I would be too with the week she has had) but otherwise she is doing great. Her new improved oxygenation level has given her a bit more energy for kicking and wiggling and laughing, as well as her new found crying. It is very exciting.

They are all moving into a new transition time as a family and could use your continued prayers. Especially in the area of sleep and their night time schedule. The hospital told Jane that they could now let Ramona cry a bit more than before so that should help in sleep training but it will be quite a change for all of them.

The next two weeks Ramona has a number of post operative appointments. Last time, running her around to the doctor just after getting her home was a very stressful time. Please join me in praying for a much more peaceful healing time for all of them.
Ramona I am very proud of you peanut!
Jane, Andy, Simon and Ramona you are an amazing family and it is my honor and privilege to pray for you and to thank God for such great news.