It’s 3:30am. I’ve given up sleeping. Ramona is crying out and waking up about every 15 minutes.

I can see why they were in a big hurry to send her home, she’s completely insufferable at night. I wonder if we can take her back so I can get some sleep. I’m kidding of course. Kind of.

I’m not sure if she’s in pain from her incision, if it’s the narcotics withdrawal or if she’s just making up for all the times she didn’t have enough oxygen to cry before, but I sure hope she gets it out of her system soon.

The daytime hours haven’t been a picnic either. She seems to be suffering from separation anxiety. For a better part of the day she’s been unwilling to be put down. And if I am able to put her down I better not try and leave the room. Or her line of sight. So reconnecting with Simon, who I’ve missed terribly this past week, is pretty much out of the question.

So pray that our little fuss-budget will settle down. And pray that if she doesn’t we won’t come completely unhinged. Pray that our fatigue won’t overwhelm the gratitude we feel to have her home again.