Ramona saw the neurosurgeon today. He doesn’t usually see patients before they have their MRI’s so his first question was “What are we doing here today?”. I told him about the geneticist’s concern about her dimple and how the MRI had escalated from sedation to general anesthesia. I told him I wanted someone expert to take a look before we put her through that. He said “Well, let’s take a look”.

I peeled back the diaper so he could get a look at the offending area and the first thing he said was “Good call, Mom”. He said that the dimple did not worry him because of it’s location in the natal crease (or as I indelicately called it, the butt crack). If it would make us feel better, he said he would order an MRI the next time she was under and in radiology, like for an angio CT.

This is great news and exactly what I was hoping for. I feel so glad that we didn’t just cart her off for a test she doesn’t seem to urgently need. I am also relieved that the doctor sees no serious or overt signs of a neurological problem. What a relief. Now we can get back to the G tube issue and decide what we’d like to do there.

On a more personal note, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being “perfect”. I’ve been too anxious about Ramona’s spine to really parse it out, but I think my little brain is working on accepting that things just aren’t perfect, and can’t be. Anybody else struggle with this? Here’s a shot of Mona looking at her new favorite book.

It’s a good day here, Jane.