I’m not in a posting mood lately. Everything’s fine. Ramona had her first speech therapy appointment last week and it went very, very well. The therapist just gave her this space age looking spoon and voila, the rice cereal just slid right down her gullet. Who knew.

So now we will try for some liquids. This may take a few weeks to get the hang of but the therapist seems confident, even mentioning we might be able to avoid the G tube and go straight to oral feeding! Her weight gain is still on track, even though we sometimes now skip her night feeding. The next big thing is her echocardiogram and cardiology follow-up on Thursday. Please pray with us that she will have no aneurysm in this repair and that those arteries are growing.

I must be cooking some really deep thoughts lately, I feel strangely mute. As my friend Erin would say, maybe all those deep thoughts are “crowding the exit”. Andy celebrated his thrity-third brithday this past Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa minded our brood while we went to the Cubs game (they won!).

Here’s a shot of Simon looking hunky-monkey in his plastic car. And Ramona in the highchair being one with the food.

Love, Jane.