Hi, sorry about the delay. Every time I’ve tried to sit down at the computer Simon insists on watching this Bob the Builder video. He’s even got Ramona in on it, she leans over his shoulder and says “More Bob?”. Here’s the scoop…

Two surprises at the cardiology appointment: We didn’t have an echo done, so there wasn’t an opportunity to see how those little arteries are growing. Also, instead of a March cardiac catheterization, we are now looking at April or May. So, the good news is that they feel she is stable enough to wait for imaging. They also seemed to feel there is a possibility of doing some work on her heart during the cath. Depending on what they find and what they are able to do it’s possible she might not need another open heart procedure for a while.

So, all in all, great news. I was disappointed to not get a look at those arteries, but if they’re okay to wait, so am I. Thanks for your prayers. Here’s Miss Mae a few days ago, showing off her long hair.

Love, Jane.