Well, after another bout of colds that stretched from last week to this one, Ramona has developed strep. It’s no biggie, just a really funky rash and the hassle of getting her to take the antiboitics, but man are we tired of getting sick.

The good news is that spring is on its way. It’s in the 50’s here today and I actually had to shield my eyes today when I went outside because it was so sunny! Simon has been to the park three days in a row and even though the puddle at the bottom of the slide keeps icing over we are having a ball getting out there.

Please say a quick prayer for Ramona. Strep accompanied by a rash like this is called scarlet fever and even though I know the antibiotics will clear it right up I’m just stressed that she has something called “scarlet fever”. Sounds very 18th century and dire. Here’s a pic from last summer of Simon in the back yard. I remember thinking, “It is so hot, I can’t wait for fall!”. Just goes to show, the grass is always greener…