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We’re home! We are exhausted and more than a little cranky but we’re home. Actually, Ramona seems to be the least cranky of us all.

Hi all. Sorry for the late update, it’s been quite a busy day. Here’s what’s happening…

We were just able to see Ramona, shortly after 9:00pm. Our little scrapper kept waking up, she’s developed quite a tolerance for the sedation meds, and trying to pull her breathing tube out. We had a quick visit with her and then headed home to get some sleep. It’s our first night ever with no babies at home!


Ramona is out of surgery and Jane and Andy are awaiting her arrival in the PICU. (more…)

The surgeon came out to talk to Jane and Andy and shared some details and the game plan. (more…)

Spring GirlIf you are anything like me it is painful to wait when you want to know something. I have to work on my patience. Jane didn’t have too much to share this last check in but I figured a little bit of info is better than long stretches without any. (more…)

Jane called at 2:00 and they were awaiting the Anesthesiologist who will put Ramona to sleep for the surgery. They thought it would be about 2:30 when they took her in.

The call came in just a bit ago and Andy and Jane will be bringing Ramona in at 12:30 for a 2 PM surgery time. They were able to put Ramona down for a nap and will just get her up to go when it is time. Jane said her heart is racing like a jack rabbit but other than that they are doing well.
Please pray for this plan to continue. The surgery that is currently taking place is going well but if things should change they might still cancel Ramona’s procedure for today.
Continue to pray for Jane and Andy as they send her off to surgery and await more information. I will do my best to keep everyone updated here as the day progresses.

We’re still waiting.


The surgeon’s nurse just called from the hospital. An emergency patient has been added to the schedule tomorrow. They asked us if we would be willing to be “on call”. Meaning if the emergency case takes a ton of time they will cancel. If not, they will do Ramona’s procedure, but probably later in the day.