The surgeon came out to talk to Jane and Andy and shared some details and the game plan.

Last time Ramona’s Right Pulmonary Artery measured 5 mm. Today it measured 7mm so there has been some growth! The Surgeon wants to dilate the artery further to get as much flow as possible. They will do this by “ballooning” the narrow areas. Ramona only gets as much flow as the narrowest portion. The Left Pulmonary Artery has a section that is 2mm so they will try to balloon it as well. The hope in dilating these areas is to increase blood flow.
Ramona will be in surgery for several more hours as the surgery continues. When she is discharged it will be to the PICU and she will be intibated. She will also be staying for at least a few days.
Prayer requests:
1. That the ballooning wouldn’t increase her saturation so much that she retains fluid in her lungs (we will know if this occurs right away)
2. That there would be no tearing
3. That Ramona can come off the ventilator quickly and come home soon.
4. That this surgery will not move Ramona medically where she is stuck between where she has been and the real repairing of the hole in her heart without a way to move forward or back.
I know I didn’t do a great job of explaining all of that but getting you all praying for specifics is the goal!
Not to leave out Simon, he is having a grand old time at Grandma’s house – Thank you Grandma!
Also please pray for Jane and Andy as they step into her room post surgery. They will needs God’s strength and peace with them. Thank you for pouring out your love and prayers over all of them.