Hi all. Sorry for the late update, it’s been quite a busy day. Here’s what’s happening…

Ramona had some blood pressure issues overnight that were resolved by several fluid boluses. This caused low hemoglobin which was addressed with a blood transfusion. This clogged her central line so an additional PIV was placed. Her art and central line were also oozing significantly so we were unable to turn or sit her up.

At about 10:30 she was extubated and placed on 2 liters of nasal cannula oxygen. Her sats immediately shot up to 100%, giving us some concerns about excessive pulmonary flow. But as the oxygen was weaned the sats returned to the low 90’s and that is where they remain now.

At 4:00 they removed the foley catheder, art and central lines. She is now able to sit up and drink clear liquids. Right after sitting up she suddenly became very itchy, blotchy and puffy in her face (as you can see in her picture). We are hoping it’s just a fluid shift from being upright and not a sign of something more sinister.

The surgery seems to have been a success. We will not hear from the CV surgery team until next week about their plan for her, but we are encouraged that there was some growth, that she tolerated the angioplasty and that it appears she no longer has any significant collateral arteries.

We are hoping that she tolerates her feeds and that the puffiness decreases. If so, we will be discharged directly from the PICU tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for your prayers. Sorry to be so terse and technical. I’m very tired and my mind is spinning with all the implications of the last few days. Here’s a shot of her historic first 100% monitor reading and her sitting up in Aunty Julie’s lap, looking quite puffy…

Love, Jane.