“More bike please?” “Bike outside please, Mommy?” “Little bike back please?” All day they are asking me for bikes! They are obsessed. They take turns (sometimes), they push each other on the bikes, they chase and race. They would rather ride bikes than watch TV. So, we’re doing a lot of bike riding, mud puddle exploring and ant spotting. I just wanted to give a few quick updates.

First, we have NO doctors appointments until June 26th! Amazing. Next, Ramona has started taking her first real steps. She had taken a few accidental or highly coerced steps recently, but a few days ago she started really walking. It’s still just 3 or 4 steps at a time, but still! She’s also been learning her letters, she now can pick out twelve letters and yesterday she pointed to each letter on the H-U-G-G-I-E-S box and told me what it was. I’m am just so proud of her.

Here’s something I’m not so proud of. This morning I was upstairs getting dressed and the babies were playing downstairs unsupervised. It got very quiet so I went to see what was happening. Fortunately they were just having some bonding time, Simon was brushing Ramona’s hair, so cute. Unfortunately, he was using the toilet brush. So I guess I need to start closing the bathroom door even when I’m only right up the stairs!

So, no big emotional turmoil today, although I did start Weight Watchers this week. Too bad I started the very same day this happened, or I would have totally been there to help with the relief effort.

Here’s a shot of Simon doing what he does best, getting dirty.

Love, Jane.