OK, false alarm. We are home again. Not sure what caused her desaturations earlier today, but it seems to have resolved. She has been working on a cold (and so have the rest of us) for about 10 days, so maybe it’s related to that.

They did a chest X-ray and checked her calcium and blood counts. All fine. They didn’t do an echo.

Other than this scare we have been doing well. Ramona is walking, running and talking up a storm. When they placed an IV at the ER, she kept saying, “Mommy, help you, take it off.” As sad as that was, I was amazed at her ability to communicate what she wanted. Her nurses Desty and Nicole were both on and came down from the PICU for a visit. Andy got some Daddy-Simon time.

Thanks for your calls and prayers. We’ll get a good look at her heart via MRI on the 17th so if this episode is cardiac related we’ll know soon. We also are planning to schedule a swallow study this month so if there’s some aspiration issue causing this we’ll know soon.

Here’s a picture of our girl a few days ago, right before a much-needed bath.