Hi all! Sorry I’m so late in updating, here’s the scoop so far…

We’ve had a crazy two weeks. Our basement flooded. Twice. I fell and bruised my kidney and messed up my sciatic nerve. My kidney got infected. So I’ve been flying high on all sorts of drugs and just trying to get through day to day. In a way it was a good way to approach this MRI for Ramona. If I hadn’t been injured and on drugs I probably would have driven myself crazy with worry.

The MRI went fine. It started two hours late. Ramona spent most of that time asking anyone who would listen for pancakes, cookies, milk, you name it. I was able to hold her while they put the gas mask on her and then left as they prepared to intubate and put her on the ventilator. It was quite a long scan, about 3 hours, and she was pretty grumpy when she woke up. She seems pretty good now, a little hoarse, but back to normal for the most part.

We will hear about the results of her heart scan on Monday or Tuesday. I’m still not clear about when we will hear the results of her spine scan, but I’m hoping to at least hear when we will hear tomorrow.

That’s all for now. Thanks for checking in and apologies to all who could not get on the site this morning, some world wide web snafu. Here’s a shot of our big girl with her daddy, feeling OK!