We’ve heard from cardiology. They are recommending that Ramona undergo a cath in the next few weeks.

They determined with the MRI that the double angioplasty performed in April yielded a good result. They feel that her right BPA is “progressing well” so they would like to focus their energy for this next surgery on her left BPA. The cardiologist described this artery as anomalous, meaning that instead of one straight artery it branches of into a few arteries and then reconvenes somewhere down the line.

At the last cath they ballooned the largest branch of this anomalous area. This next surgery will focus on the lesser branches, hopefully removing any stenotic areas and encouraging growth. They seem to feel that a cath/angioplasty will be required every 6 months for an undetermined amount of time, until she qualifies for a repair or some other open procedure is required.

So, we are relieved that there is no big problem, that they feel they can do something to help her arteries grow and that they do, in fact, seem to be growing. On the other hand, it is still very hard to hear that your child needs another surgery. Andy and I feel sad that she has to go through all of this. As she gets older and understands more, it just gets harder and harder in some ways.

Here’s a shot of our big girl, just TCB. Thanks for continuing to check on us. I believe surgery will be scheduled sometime this week for sometime in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted…

Love, Jane.