We saw the cardiologist this morning and got some more information. Here is what the cath surgeon is proposing:

He spoke with several colleagues and although the majority felt he had made the right call, one colleague felt he could try again with a slightly more aggressive approach. It sounds like they will basically be repeating the October surgery, but if it doesn’t work (like it didn’t in October), they will try inflating the balloons multiple times and perhaps even try larger balloon sizes.

I feel relieved that they did not suggest some very new, very different, very risky procedure but still feel a little disappointed that they didn’t come up with some brilliant new idea. We will schedule this next cath for the month of May, so I guess we’re staying on track for about every six months.

Mona’s blood pressure, EKG and echo all looked good. She was very sweet to all the doctors and technicians and even told the echo technician, “That’s better ‘Guy’. Good job” when he finished. Although everything still seems so uncertain with her long term prognosis, the cardiologist told me emphatically that she is doing very well right now, satting well, good pressures and no change in the BPA’s or conduit.

Before signing off I wanted to share a funny conversation I had with Simon a few days ago. He kept trying to kick me while I was trying change his diaper.

Me: Please don’t kick me. Would you like it if I kicked you?
Simon: Yes.
Me: (pause) I wasn’t expecting you to say that and now I don’t know what to say.
Simon: (pause) Don’t SAY anything. Kick me.
Me: Honey, I’m not going to kick you, it wouldn’t be very nice.
Simon: Okay, PLEASE kick me.

That boy is trouble. Thanks for checking in. I’m sure there will be more to say about this once we’ve talked to the surgeon but that’s the scoop for now.

Love, Jane.

Here’s a shot of our girl almost exactly two years ago, before we knew about any of this. She was a peach then and she’s still just about the best in the bushel today so I’m thankful.