Hi there, it’s been a while! We’ve been white-knuckling through these final days of winter and can’t wait for the SPRING. A quick update:

Ramona will have her next cath on May 8th. We are not sure exactly what they will do but know it will be similar to the last time, just with a slightly more aggressive approach. I’m glad to have it on the schedule so we can prepare.

Ramona had an audiology appointment this morning. The right ear looked good, but the left ear was too blocked with fluid to get a conclusive result. This is exactly what happened last time so we will be heading to the pediatrician for a look at her ears and a possible ENT consult.

I have a prayer request. You may have noticed the name Whitney in the comments these past few years. She grew up with Andy and has been a constant source of support and love for our family since Ramona’s diagnosis. Even though she and I have never met face to face, I consider her a friend. Two weeks ago her oldest son Forester, who is seven, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He had surgery the next day and is recovering well but will require chemotherapy and radiation as part of his treatment. Please pray for him and his family as they are making a big adjustment and understandably grieving. You can read more about their family here.

Thanks! More pictures coming soon but here’s a shot of my little monkey at the Zoo in the climber: