The doctors have told Jane and Andy as things move forward, provided things continue to improve, at some point they will need to start providing nourishment for Ramona. The best thing for her will be breast milk. If any of you are still nursing, or know anyone who is please consider this need. They would need frozen milk and if you were able to set any extra aside in your freezer to donate when the time comes it would be an unbelievable gift to them. Please prayerfully consider this. It is a milk drive rather than a blood drive! If you are interested and find you can donate or have any information that is helpful please email And they will set it up so we are ready to roll when we get the go ahead. Thank you all so much for all the amazing response to this need thus far. I pray we need it all.

*Update — Feb 19.* We have gotten so many offers for milk! Jane is blown away by all of the inquiries about donating. It is such a tangible way to see how much Ramona and the whole family is cared for. She extends a heartfelt “thank you.”

It appears that Jane didn’t know quite how serious Ramona’s condition was when she made this request for milk. At this point, Ramona will be drinking such small amounts that Jane will be able to keep up with the demand. If more milk is needed than Jane can provide, it probably won’t be for another month or so.

So, don’t get out your pumps quite yet! And if you are starting to wean your baby, go ahead — we’ve gotten a lot of offers. Ideally, Jane’s supply will increase with Ramona’s needs and extra milk wouldn’t even be required. But we’ll keep you posted if this situation changes and we start needing more milk for the little trooper. If you are interested in donating, feel free to email us at and we’ll be sure to contact you when a need arises.

Thanks again for all of your love and care for our friends.

*Update — March 17.* It turns out that Ramona is not going to need breastmilk after all. Jane asked Ramona’s doctors about the idea, and they didn’t think it would be such a good idea to give Ramona milk from so many different donors. But many a child has done fabulously on formula — just look at Simon! Thanks for all of your willingness to bless Ramona in this way. The best thing to do now is just keep on praying and loving on her.

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