Jane just called from the hospital with good news. The closure of Ramona’s chest was successful and smooth. They didn’t have to give her any extra fluid. They had planned to turn the oxygen setting up a few ticks, which they did. The main concern was that she’d be able to tolerate the extra pressure in her body. She has handled it great and is doing well.

So, Ramona is doing pretty well today! They put a bow in her hair, and they are moving her off of the heated bed and into a real crib.

They had weaned her down to 35 on the vent before the incision-closure, and weaned her off some dopamine. The next step is to get the oxygen vent back on where it was this morning (before the incision-closure). Then, perhaps tomorrow, they might begin to wean Ramona off the paralytic. When they do this, she might be able to move around a little, or blink her eyes. She will still be heavily sedated and asleep, but they’ll see how she tolerates a little freedom of movement.

They are taking it one tiny, baby step at a time, making sure that with each new development she is able to thrive.

Overnight, her oxygen levels were between 81 and 91 — very good. At this point, however, they are monitoring her levels by a more accurate blood gas measurement (rather than the pulse-ox in the finger). Before surgery, Ramona’s blood gas was in the 20s. Yesterday it was 48, and this morning it was 52. These climbing numbers show her improvement.

Jane remarked on the way that Ramona is making herself a life story right now — she is showing us who she is and what she can do.

God bless Ramona!