Miss Mona turned six months today. To celebrate we went out as a foursome for a drive. You know that’s gotta be a special occasion since gas is like $3.50 a gallon in these parts. We checked out some “garage-mahals” going up in the neighborhood. This is my new favorite word that describes a huge new-construction house whose most prominent architectural feature is a three or four car garage. A close second in the new word category is “destinesia”, that’s when you forget why you came into a room once you get there. Happens to me all the time.

Anyhoo. I weighed Ramona this morning to commemorate her big monthiversary and she weighs 16lb 7oz, which is so crazy good. At this rate she’ll be as big as Simon before you know it.

As a family we’re hanging in there. We’re still struggling with sleep. I think partially because of the fatigue I’m having some trouble with anger, depression, etc. I’m working on it. Andy and I are trying to find more time to spend together and we both are trying to spend less time just surfing on the computer, watching TV and stuff like that. And I’m considering Weight Watchers again, but don’t quote me on that.

Simon has been very talkative and I would not be surprised if I fetched him from bed one morning and he came out with “May I please have a cup of tea Mother?” or something. Any day now.

I am all over the place today, forgive me. I’m hoping to post something of more substance later after the babies are in their beds, I’ve been thinking big thoughts. Here’s Mona in the Bumbo this morning, looking very foot loose and fancy-free.

Love to you,