I called this morning and spoke with Ramona’s nurse. She gave me the scoop as usual and I let her know I’d be coming in for rounds. Right before we hung up she said “Yeah, she’s been on Rumaire all night and is in the high 80’s, see you when you get here, bye”.

I hung up and scanned my extensive mental list of medical terms and could not figure out what Rumaire was. A heart stimulant perhaps? Then it dawned on me. Room air. No supplemental oxygen. Holy wah, I’m actually getting choked up just typing this. Ramona is satting in the high 80’s on room air. Thank you God.

Her fever was down overnight. It spiked this morning but is now normal again. She smiled at me. I can see her little spirit again and am so relieved. She’s been eating (through her NG). She pooped. Today they will pull her chest tubes and try and wean her last heart med.

Thanks for your prayers, we can feel them across the miles.