They’ve just completed rounds and it looks like if they can get the paperwork done Ramona is coming home today! She just needs a chest X-ray and her discharge orders. We don’t even have her carseat here, we took it home thinking we wouldn’t need it for awhile. Wrong again.

So, another prayer answered. Last time I felt very anxious about having Ramona home. I was worried about the oxygen, the NG, the tubes, etc. I was worried about her crying. This time I just cannot wait to get her home. I feel comfortable with her care and the NP even said it would be okay to let her cry a bit now since her sats are so much better.

This past week I have just been waiting for the other shoe to drop, not wanting to take anything for granted. We’re not home yet, but I’m feeling so proud of her, what a super-duper recouper!

Here’s another pic, she’s just fallen asleep. Not sure what the idea was with this whack tape job, but I can fix it when we get home :)