As some of you know we’ve been battling high fevers, runny noses, and grumpy babies for over a week now. Both Simon and Ramona were prescribed some antibiotics a couple days ago, and Simon has started his recovery. It looked like Ramona would, too, but today she was up to 104 again, lethargic, and throwing up. She’s also having breathing difficulty (retracting).

So the pediatrician advised we take her into the ER in case she is developing pneumonia. Jane left about 30 minutes ago.

Needless to say this is an unwelcome development. We’re already exhausted and not feeling too great ourselves, and Simon’s not too happy about being left behind with Dad. Oh, and one of our cars won’t start. Hopefully this will all clear up very soon and we’ll have some things back to “normal”.

UPDATE: Ramona’s blood work came back and she has RSV. This can be very dangerous for heart patients so I guess it’s good that she’s at the hospital where they can care for her. She will be admitted and receive supportive care at least over night. Thanks, everyone.