We were just able to see Ramona, shortly after 9:00pm. Our little scrapper kept waking up, she’s developed quite a tolerance for the sedation meds, and trying to pull her breathing tube out. We had a quick visit with her and then headed home to get some sleep. It’s our first night ever with no babies at home!

We’re pleased and relieved with the results. Her arteries grew a little, that’s good. They ballooned them a little, but not so much that her lungs will be flooded. We’ll have to see how she does, but I think her saturations will be just a bit higher than they were before.

We are very tired. We will have to decide tomorrow how much time we want to divide our time between Simon and Ramona for the next few days. Thank you for the prayers. I think that once again we have the best outcome we could have hoped for. We still don’t have a sense of what her long term prognosis might be, but we’re hoping to get some counsel on that from the next conference between the surgeons.

Thanks Jen for being on update duty, it’s soooo appreciated.

Love, Jane.