Below you’ll find a schedule for grocery trips, two per week. I’ve scheduled them for Tuesdays and Saturdays, but that can be a flexible as long as the delivery happens within a day of that date.

Jane will either comment or email you with a list of some things that they need in the house (milk, cereal, fruit, paper towels, etc.). You can shop at the grocery store yourself, or you can order a delivery from “Peapod”: . As with meal deliveries, there is a good chance someone will be around during the day, and almost certainly someone will be home every evening after 5:30 to be with Simon while he sleeps. Feel free to call before you stop by to deliver groceries if you want to make sure someone is home.

*Clarification:* Andy & Jane are glad to pay for these groceries. They’ll probably write you a check when you drop them off, but if you miss them for some reason, just let them know what the total was and they’ll reimburse you.

As with the meal schedule, I’ll be periodically deleting comments to keep this page readable.

Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions. Thanks again for all of your help!

|Tues 27|Kerry & Eric|
|Sat 3|Val|
|Tues 6|Tina|
|Sat 10|Ray D.|
|Tues 13|Molly|
|Sat 17|Juliet & Greg|
|Tues 20|Dina L.|
|Sat 24|Sarah P.|
|Tues 27|Brooke|
|Sat 31|Will|
|Tues 3|Anne|
|Sat 7|Earl T.|
|Tues 10|Molly C.|
|Sat 14|Tina|
|Tues 17|Molly C.|
|Sat 21|Ronnie and Paul|
|Tues 23|Wendy|
|Sat 28|Tina|
|Tues 1|Pam|
|Sat 5|oops! none needed this day|
|Tues 8|Dina|
|Sat 12|Val|
|Tues 15|Molly|
|Sat 19|Suzanne & Benji|
|Tues 22|Molly|
|Sat 26|Jean & Jay C.|
|Tues 29|Brad F|
|Sat 2|Molly C.|
|Sat 9|Dina|
|Sat 16|Molly|
|Sat 23|Toby|
|Sat 30|Tina|
|Sat 7|Anne|
|Sat 14|Uncle Dave O.|
|Sat 21|Dina| (will bring them on 22nd)|
|Sat 28|Toby & Rebekah|

66 Responses to “ Grocery runs ”

  1. Kerry and Eric says:

    Good Idea
    I can take the run on Tues the 27th. Let me know the list
    Love to you Kerry

  2. Dina says:

    Lindemanns will take March 20 :o)

  3. Val says:

    Go ahead and sign me up for Saturday, March 3.

  4. Tina says:

    Hi There,

    March 6 in the AM would work well for me -and/or March 10. Sign me up!



  5. Juliet & Greg says:

    Hi Ann, Please sign us up for March 17 please! Thanks!

  6. Molly says:

    I’m happy to take the 3/13 slot.

  7. Ray D. says:

    Please sign me up for March 10th (Sat).

  8. Will says:

    Please sign me up for 3/31.

  9. Brooke says:

    Please put me down for March 27.

  10. sarah price says:

    I can cover the 24th. sarah p

  11. Jane says:

    Hi Tina!

    Thanks for doing this :)

    1 green pepper
    8 oz. whole white mushrooms
    bunch of curly parsley

    4 bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts

    6 coffee yogurt

    Pirate Booty and Pirate Canonballs (if they’ve got that)

    6-pack coke

  12. Mac and Ray says:

    Hey, kids.

    Mac and I are planning on meeting at noon Saturday at either the Jewel by you and/or Costco since Mac has a card (or Sam’s since I have a card there). Just let us know if you want a specific brand of anything at all that can fit in a van and an SUV. B^)


  13. Jane says:

    Hey Molly,

    pint of half and half

    12 pk diet coke

    1 ripe avocado

    bunch of bananas

    4 cameo apples

    1 yellow pepper

    Pirate Booty Canonballs

    Bag of Starbucks Columbian Blend, Ground

    2 bottles Brancott Sav Blanc

    Edy’s Grand Lime Bars

    Thanks so much Molly, sorry about the delay…Jane.

  14. Molly Cummins says:

    No problem. what is Brancott Sav Blanc? Wine? I should be able to get this to you tomorrow night or Thurs AM is that ok? Michael has an ear infection on top of everything else (which hopefully explains his disposition as of late.) Lemme know what delivery is best for you.

  15. Ann says:

    Molly, my guess is that Brancott Sav Blanc is a white wine. You can probably just ask someone in the alcohol/wine section and they can help you. :)

  16. Earl Talbot says:

    Put me down for a on April 7.

  17. Dina says:

    I’ll shop Tuesday late morning, so let me know any time before then!

  18. anne says:

    Please sign me up for Tuesday, April 3rd. Thank you!

  19. Jane says:

    Hey Dina! Thanks a bunch.

    watermelon (a small one)
    (1) cantelope
    (1) avocado
    green leaf lettuce
    (2) slicing tomatoes
    baby spring mix lettuce

    1 lb. sliced turkey
    1/2 lb. sliced american cheese

    Pirate Booty Canonballs (in the yuppie snack aisle)
    2 big milk chocolate bars
    12 pack Fresca

  20. Jane says:

    Oh crap!

    And some gerber organic vegetable purees.

  21. Jane says:

    Double crap!

    paper towels

  22. Molly Cummins says:

    Sign me up for 4/10 and 4/17

  23. Dina says:

    Jane; Got it, crap and all! I’ll call you tomorrow.

  24. Tina says:

    Sign me up for April 14th and April 28th.



  25. Wendy says:

    I’ll take Tuesday the 23rd, but it will probably be the 24th if that’s OK. Jane–you don’t know me, but I know of you through Bobbie and would like to help out.

  26. sarah price says:

    hey jane! i’m already to go go groceries! just let me know what i can get for the family! i’ll just need to coordinate lance watching avery and what not……………feel free to call me or email me at my home email/number, if you don’t want to send info on this website or want to add some last minute munchies to the list. sarah p

  27. Jane says:

    Sarah! K, this it. We usually don’t need that much cuz we’re having meals brought and we’re also too busy to sit around and eat all the time :)

    Pirate Booty Cannon Balls 😉
    Veggie Bootie
    Loaf of Bread (Breadsmith French Peasant Loaf if it’s available)
    1/2 lb. Sliced Roast Beef
    1/2 lb. Sliced Cheddar Cheese
    Half Gallon 2% Milk
    Yo Baby Yogurt, any flavor
    12 pk. Diet Caffeine Free Coke
    Small Watermelon

    Thanks so much Sarah! I’ll call later to set up a time, k?

  28. Sarah Price says:

    we’re all set! good to talk to you and see you tomorrow! feel free to call with any last minute cravings…….sep

  29. Dina says:

    If it’s not too greedy of me to take another slot, put me down for 4/23. Tuesdays work great for me.

  30. Dina says:

    Make that 4/24 :o)

  31. anne says:

    hey jane,

    I’m going to go to the grocery monday night after work and drop off. what do you all need? hopefully I’ll get to see you for a quick bit too:)

    – anne

  32. Jane says:

    Geez Anne, sorry, I just saw this when I got your message :(

    Is there another time this week that would work?

  33. anne says:

    no problem. My issue the rest of the week is having our car. let me talk to todd and I’ll let you know. can you give me a list of stuff … that way I’ll have it in case we don’t touch base. I may be able to do tonight before group or Wednesday around 6:30pm. do either/both work for you?

  34. Andy says:

    fresca 12 pack
    hamburger buns
    loaf of bread
    1 cantaloupe
    3 danon coffee yogurt
    Pirate Booty cannonballs
    Veggie Booty
    whole carrots

  35. Earl Talbot says:

    Much Love, and looking forward to the G. run this Sat.. You guys are on to those Pirate B. Cannon Balls enh? Are’nt they the best?!

    Just let me know what you need and I’ll be there-


  36. Molly Cummins says:

    Hey Deitrichs=
    I’m on groceries tomorrow. Call, comment or email. thanks.

  37. Tina says:

    Hi Jane,

    Chuck will be your shopper tomorrow; he is looking forward to seeing you guys! Please let us know what you need! Thanks,


  38. Pam says:

    Would it be ok if I took Wed. 5/2 instead of Tues. 5/3?

  39. Dina says:

    I’ll take Tuesday May 8!

  40. Val says:

    I’ll take Saturday, May 12.

  41. Ann says:

    Pam, I think Wed 5/2 is fine for them. We’ll let you know if it is not.

  42. Suzanne & Benji says:

    We’ll shop and deliver on the 19th.

  43. Brad F says:

    Put me down for May 29th.

  44. Jean and Jay Carino says:

    Hi! We can do Saturday, May 26th.

  45. Molly Cummins says:

    I’ll take the 5/15 & 5/22.

  46. Sarah Larsen says:

    Hi Jane & Andy-

    It was so nice to finally meet your family. I am looking forward to some future playdates. We would love to help. We’ll take 5/5. Just please let us know what we can pick up for you, as we are new to this experience. :)

    The Larsens (Your neighbors)

  47. Wendy says:


    I’m scheduled for groceries for tomorrow. Hopefully it’s OK if I bring them by on Wednesday instead. Is late morning/afternoon OK? Please let me know what you need. I’ll also need your address.


  48. Pam says:

    Hey Jane,
    I’m on for groceries tomorrow (Tues.). Can you let me know by tomorrow morning what you need? Phone, e-mail or posting is fine. Shooting to deliver them around 4:00 or 4:15 – will that work?

  49. Judy Hoenig says:

    I’ll take Saturday the 5th. Give me the list by Friday and let me know what times you’ll be home on Saturday.

  50. Sarah Larsen says:

    Hi Jane & Andy,

    I had signed up to pick up groceries for your family this Saturday, but it looks as if someone else has as well. If you would still like us to do it, we would be more than happy to, please just let us know. We also need to know what you would like and when we should deliver.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Sarah Larsen

  51. Judy Hoenig says:

    I’m sorry Sara. I hadn’t realized that you already volunteered for grocery duty this Saturday when I volunteered for it. I guess everyone is eager to help Jane & Andy. Since you signed up first, I’ll just do another day.


  52. Sarah Larsen says:

    No worries at all, Judy. Thank you for the clarification. I’ll just wait to hear from Jane and Andy then. Thanks again.


  53. Ann says:

    Hi Sarah and Judy,

    Sorry — I’ve been on vacation and haven’t been moderating this very well. Andy actually just emailed me and said that they are full-up on groceries right now, so they don’t need them tomorrow anyway. So, neither of you need to get groceries for them!

    Sorry about that confusion! thanks for your patience and all the ways you are caring for Andy and Jane and their family.


  54. Dina says:


    I have shopping on Tuesday this week. Let me know what I can pick up for you. I look forward to seeing you.

  55. Suzanne & Benji says:

    Hi Andy & Jane,

    We have the grocery run for this Saturday. Whatcha need? Are you up for a visit or do you need/want to do something else with your time? We can Peapod it if you are not up for a little visit.

    Benj and Suzanne

  56. Dina says:

    We’ll take June 9. Let us know if you’d like some yummy Maddy’s Organic Meals as we will be stopping by Dori’s inaugural run at the Southport farmer’s market.

  57. Molly Cummins says:

    I can do 6/2,

  58. Molly Cummins says:

    I’ll take Sat 6/16.

  59. Toby says:

    Sign us up for 6/23, Peapod

  60. Tina says:

    I would be glad to come on June 30th. See you then, Jane. I hope all works out well with your present situation. You are all in my prayers.

    Love, Tina

  61. Toby & Rebekah says:

    Sign us up for groceries in July — Jane/Andy let us know when works best.

  62. Dina says:

    Can I take July 21 and make it July 22 to coincide with a meal? We have a wedding on the 21st. Let me know!

  63. david says:

    I can do July 14 Uncle Dave O.

  64. anne says:

    Sign me up for July 7th!

  65. Ann says:

    Toby, I signed you guys up for July 28th.

    Dina, that should be fine to bring the groceries on the 22nd. Just check with Jane and Andy about when to delivery everything.

    Thanks everyone!

  66. Tina says:

    Hi Jane,

    What is on your list for tomorrow? I will need to deliver in the late afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you and the family.


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